Fourth of July Fireworks

The fourth of July has a special place in hearts around the country. It gives us the opportunity to celebrate our nation’s independence with some great American traditions. Among the most popular are cookouts, spending time with family, and – of course – fireworks! A great Fourth of July wouldn’t be complete without a good fireworks display.

How Did Fireworks Come to Be?

Fireworks have a long history that dates back to about 200 B.C. in China. While these first fireworks were pretty rudimentary (think bamboo shoots with exploding air pockets), the Chinese started to refine them around 600 A.D. The original “fireworks” were designed for war. It wasn’t until the 1830′s, when the Italians started adding small amounts of metals to explosives in order to change the color that the modern idea of fireworks came to be. In the US, fireworks have been an Independence Day tradition since 1776. Even though they’ve significantly improved in the last 240 years, they remain an important symbol of freedom for the American people!

Can I Set Off My Own Fireworks?

Maryland has some pretty strict laws about fireworks. Knowing them will help keep you safe and allow you to enjoy your Fourth of July weekend! Nobody under the age of 16 is allowed to buy fireworks in Maryland. If you buy fireworks in another state, they need to stay there, since it’s both illegal to transport fireworks across state lines and to set them off anywhere. Commercial fireworks displays require special permits months in advance. While you can purchase and light sparklers, they need to be non-aerial, non-explosive, and cannot contain chlorates or perchlorates (check the label to be sure). Just make sure that you’re taking proper safety precautions with any fire. Some counties have other specific rules about fireworks that you should check out before buying or setting anything off.

Where Can I Go to See a Good Fireworks Show In the Baltimore Area?

Inner Harbor – These festivities start at 7 PM with great music, great food, and even better views. If you’re near Baltimore City, this is one you don’t want to miss. Fireworks start at 9:30!

Catonsville High School – For a great family-friendly fourth, check out the Catonsville Independence Day Celebration. There will be children’s games, races, and music for all ages. Fireworks start at 9:15 PM.

Oregon Ridge Park (Hunt Valley) – The Star Spangled Spectacular will take place starting at 5 PM with food and music. Stick around for fireworks starting at dusk.

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