Here’s some thoughts on what your front door color says about you… or not. We had fun writing this one, but scroll all the way down for some of 2021’s upcoming front door trends.

Ever wondered why they call it Charm City? There’s character everywhere you look… even down to the front doors. We took a walk through Brewer’s Hill in Baltimore and got to thinking… what does your front door color say about you? Is it painted? Why that color? Is it wood? That’s cool, why? So… here is what your front door color says about you (according to us 😂). Stay with us until the end for some upcoming 2021 front door trends you don’t want to miss!



The Chinese design philosophy of feng shui considers red front doors lucky if they’re facing south or southwest. Even if your door is facing a different direction, red usually means action. The people that live in this house are go-getters and enjoy the thrills of life. They enjoy traveling and own several hammocks.







You like to stand out – on your block and in life. Yellow means optimism and extraversion. We expect parties held here to be a ton of fun. You probably have a large board game collection and an old record player.








Royal Blue

Linked to calmness and trustworthiness – any shade of blue is a great choice for a front door. Our favorite is this deep royal blue or a matte navy. Navy is more sophisticated, but this royal is a fun pop of color that pairs well against any neutral. As shown, orange works really well against this color, too. You probably wear hats and maybe you own a Corgi.







Stately black. You might be a little serious, but this can also be fun against a brighter color exterior. You drink red wine and enjoy a mean charcuterie board.








This one is maybe surprisingly the most common front door color. Whoever lives here cleans their baseboards constantly and definitely asks you to take your shoes off before you come in. It’s still a classic, though.









We think you probably have a great garden out back. You also love your community and to help others. You probably journal and have several cats… or a lizard.







Okay, okay… did you have enough? Did we miss a color? What do you think your door says about you?

Let’s move onto the meat of this blog post… some REAL predicted front door trends of 2021…

  1. Black doors are in! A deep, matte charcoal to be more specific.
  2. Wooden doors – specifically natural looking wood with square lines.
  3. Red is out and CORAL is in! 
  4. Sage Green, Olive Green and Pastel Mint are going to be the hottest colors of the year. Good luck finding these paints at Lowe’s!
  5. Contrasting doors – architecturally and in color. If your exterior is white, paint your door black! Think complimentary for color.

Can’t wait to see some fun front doors this year! Happy painting!

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