For the year of 2017, our goal is to donate $10,000 to different charities. How are we doing this? After every home that we close, we will donate a set amount to designated charities. Our vision is to be an organization that provides people with the resources and opportunity to impact the world through charitable donation.

With that being said, the Baltimore Hunger Project was our most recent donation.The Baltimore Hunger Project seeks to feed children who only eat during school hours. This means that on Friday afternoons until Monday morning, some children do not have any meals provided for them. To help children in crisis, volunteers take food packs to the local elementary schools every Friday and discretely slip them into the child’s backpack. On Monday morning they will be well nourished and ready to learn!

Baltimore has too many children who are going without food. It costs $200 to provide for one package of food each weekend during the 38 week school year for one child. Without the assistance of the Baltimore Hunger Project, these children may go hungry for a variety of reasons. Donate today and provide students with the proper nourishment for the weekends.

Our mission is to utilize our passion of assisting people to enjoy home ownership through growth and contribution in order to inspire and empower the community. Remember, “The highest compliment you can give us is a referral of your business and personal associates.”

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